Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Another Menu- and yes, with stains

My DH has walked through the kitchen and pointed at my notebook and said, "That right there is what saves us!" A great compliment!

You can click to enlarge the picture. Forgive the stains, but take note that my notebook is a working part of my kitchen. It stays on the counter, often stuffed with the recipes that I have taken out of my notebooks for that month's menu. I am completely lost without my menu. If I go looking in the cabinets and freezer, I don't know what to fix, but when I look at my list.....ahhh, relief! It all comes together!

I strongly encourage working with a menu! As stated before, I shop once a month, sometimes taking 2 days to get it all done, and feed 8 for about $500 a month!

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