Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bread Store Goodies

Bread Stores are a great place to go to get the cheapest deals on bread! I can buy 3 loaves of whole grain bread for $1.79. I also get giant buns for $1.49 for about 20-24 (I forget exactly how many is in the flat). Those are what I use for pizza bread, you can see them under 'frugal lunches'. They also have deals on other products sometimes. It's worth checking out your local bread store! Once I got there right at closing and the lady gave me the next day's discounted prices since they would be a day older the following morning anyway! ........Once I get it home, I try to decide how to use a bulk of it right away. The rest is frozen for future use. I must say that once frozen, it doesn't make for the best of sandwiches; the bread seems to dry out a bit. So, I must be creative! I keep a ziploc bag in the freezer with ground bread crumbs. I also keep several bags with homemade croutons! It makes for fine grilled cheeses too!

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