Friday, February 1, 2008

Cute New Skirt- homemade

This is my project of the day. It only took me an hour or two altogether and I did not use a pattern of any kind.

For anyone reading, if you think you can't sew, may I encourage you to try a Janome machine?

This is was made on my Janome Quilter's Delight which runs like a caddy and was bought on sale a few years ago for about $140 or so. My daughter got a Janome Sew Mini for Christmas this year for $50 on sale (and I think it is still on sale at Hancock for this price) and it sews better than any machine that I ever got from WalMart. (I have had a Brother that was junk and I got a White once that was quite a mess but perhaps it may have been the lemon.) I love these Janomes.
The lady who sold me the "Sew Mini" (made by Janome) said that the ladies who come to Quilting Classes bring these to do their piece work on because they are so little and light.

I could not believe how well it sews. We bought our daughter a (toy) Barbie machine last year that never made it through a project--but this one is a dream come true for a little girl! And only $50!
Also, it sews fairly slow which is perfect for a girl to learn on (supervised of course).
***NOTE: By the way, this skirt was basically free. The material came from my bartering friend who brings me fabric from yard sales and in return I send them goodies from my kitchen!

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