Sunday, January 20, 2008

A frugal tip about food storage

Why toss out what you can recycle into something that can save you even more?!
These are whipped cream, butter, margarine, yogurt, shortening, and other containers.
I have thought of them as 'free' money savers.
***The big containers sit in my freezer waiting on leftover veggies to toss into the next batch of soup. Sometimes they sit on the counter with homemade candy or cookies.
***The medium size containers hold leftover brown rice or barley and sometimes dabs of beans to toss into soups or chili. Sometimes, I keep some leftover noodles and toss them into a soup!
***The small containers are often used for portion size leftovers, or recipes for dips- for veggies and fruits for the kids.
**Some are kept for the kids to play with. Toddlers and even older children love to play and stack them and try to match the right lids. (I sometimes keep a box in the laundry room and toss things like this in there, along with empty salt boxes, jello boxes, oatmeal cans, empty drink containers, etc. and let the little pepps play "kitchen" or "store".)
**Sometimes they are used to send a little leftovers to friends and they can just toss out the container when they are done.
Congrats on the beautiful new baby Tammy! Love your site!


Kim said...

Please note - you should NEVER microwave in these types of containers, any plastic actually - it leaches into your food. Especially bad for young boys - can make them sterile. And since these containers were not made to be reused, I suggest only reusing them a few times before tossing - better safe than sorry you know? Google - reusing plastic containers for more info.

Donna said...
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Donna said...

Thanks for the tip! I had heard that about microwaving plastic but wasn't sure. ----- You can spray tubs with non-stick spray before placing foods in and freezing, they will slide out into your pot or microwave dish. Tip: Remember to set out a day or two before for easy removal!