Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fun for Pre-K's

PRESCHOOL FUN: Here are a few fun ideas to keep little ones busy and learning! ………..

1) 2 plastic bowls, 2 cups of flour, ¼ cup of dried beans, a flour sifter (optional) Little one’s will have lots of fun and build their fine motor skills; sifting and digging for the beans.

2) Colored construction paper, a cup of water for each child, a paintbrush for each child. “Painting” will keep them busy without the mess of paint!

3) A good sized cardboard box; collect empty plastic containers and lids of various sizes from yogurts, sour cream, etc. Pull the box out and simply let them play every few days. They’ll have more with these than a toy!

4) Use small Ziploc bags for various items. (Beware of choking hazards for toddlers!) One for popcorn, one for beans, one for packing peanuts, one for stale fruit loops or cheerios, one for various noodles, etc. Use these for counting or grouping objects to teach numbers. (Some math experts teach counting; others teach to show two objects is=2, show five small objects is= 5, and not count but recognize.) You can also use the same objects for a picture collage.

(flowers picked for Sissy by big brothers in the field behind our house)

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