Monday, January 28, 2008

My kids beg to do this.......

This is "MOPPING THE FLOOR" at my house! LOL!
Yes, my kids beg to clean the kitchen floor!!!!!!!
They have the best time! First they take mildly soapy washcloths and 'wash' the floor (wet the floor down!) . Then they slip and slide (probably getting up any leftover dirt, hee hee hee!). They slide and spin until we are all laughing. The upside: the floor is quite a bit cleaner! The downside: they usually need a bath afterwards or at least a dry set of clothes but usually, I don't get that lucky because they are a bit soapy. ...............Is this 'permissive parenting'? Why say no if you don't have to? Work and fun are good!
(I saw a floor mopping post at and wanted to show off our floor mopping skills!)


Kalisha said...

Wow! It looks like they have a great time! Cleaning doesn't have to be serious and it seems you understand that. I just realized the other day that my two year old is a wonderful fridge cleaner. I gave her some soapy water and a sponge and she scrubbed away for about 5 minutes! Long enough for me to do the breakfast dishes and then I didn't have to do the scrubbing--just the drying up!
I found you through orgjunkie--I hope to be back soon!

Laura@HeavenlyHomemakers said...

Oh my...wouldn't my boys have a blast with this one!!!!

onemotherslove said...

Great idea! - Less work for Mom, too!