Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sock Puppets

Moms, this is a few minutes of work for you, but it will keep your little sweethearts playing for quite sometime when you are done and make a great memory for them as well! ****We keep our old socks and lost-mate socks in a basket, sometimes we'll darn the holes and this is what we did one day..........
We used cardboard for the mouths. We cut out an oval and bent it in the middle for the mouths and we stapled it to the socks. (You should attach another way for littler hands or cover the staples with tape so they won't scratch!) I then let them pick their own eyes from my button box. (Waring: choking potential, use caution for little peeps!) For the boy sock, we added an army hat from one of our big army guys. For the girl sock, I sewed in some hair (yarn). You can see where I looped some bangs and pony tails, but you could tie it altogether and glue it on. (All items were things that were around the house so there was no real $$ to make these little guys and these 2 had a blast with them. My big kids wanted some too when they saw all the fun!)

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