Saturday, February 2, 2008

Homeschooling- at our house

We use Robinson Curriculum! And we love it!

The four older children sit at the table and do their homework.(Ages 15, 12, 10, and 9) They know what is expected and the only problem that I usually have is talking. 'magine that?!?!

Sometimes they have a problem that they cannot understand but for the most part they work completely independent. When they do get a little stumped on something, they usually help each other before I can reach the table!

The younger two children (5 and newly 7)are the biggest 'treat' of homeschooling right now. I have a corner set up in their bedroom that is the 'phonics school' of the house. I spend 1 to 2 hours a day 'teaching' them and thenI give them written work to do. Often they will do that at the table in their room. What is cute is they sometimes make up their own homework so they can be at the table with their brothers. The younger will write sentences and the other will copy her reading book. I never try to stop that!

We use a 3R's curriculum and add what we like. The children do Saxon math for 2 hours a day, they read for 2 hours a day, they write for 1/2 hour a day, and they work on vocabulary for 30 minutes a day. Sometimes these areas run longer, occasionally shorter. I add things depending on interests and needs.

The oldest is in his first year of high school so he must have things added in to fulfill credits, including an extra hour in the evening of reading. That is either literature or history.

The other children LOVE to read literature but I have added a couple of history and science books which hasn't bothered them a bit.

We take a lunch break and when possible we take a break and go outside for our Vitamin D!

We school 5 full days and 1/2 a day on Saturday.

Our evenings are usually free-time with a minimum of chores. Games are played, sometimes I read to them. Some computer time is given, and yes some television but there are many days when no one seems to want it on. Our TV time is usually spent with the Walton's!

I have been surprised at the games they make up to play! Perhaps I'll write about them soon.

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