Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sometimes for Breakfast.....

Sometimes for breakfast, I buy waffles. They are a $1 a box and I can get syrup for a little under that price as well. The kids can eat waffles for a week for about $8. Considering that I don't have a waffle maker and the time it would take to make that many, this is not a bad deal for me. No, we don't do it everyday, but that's an idea. (A young lady stopped me in the store once to ask about fruit. She said that I looked like I would be able to help her. Perhaps she was looking at my choo-choo train of kids?...But I noticed in her hand a box of name-brand waffles and name-brand syrup. She was a young college student and seemed to be open to advice so I asked her if she ever went to the Save-a-lot or the DGM down the street and told her that she could get those items in their brand for $2! She had no idea and was very grateful for the advice. She said the syrup was $2.79 and the waffles in hand were over $3! I then proceeded to recommend websites to her and answer any questions that she had. I do not know who was more blessed, me or her!)

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