Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Gratituesday at Laura's

For one, I too am thankful for dirty fingernails this week Miss Laura!
I've begged for a garden for about 6 years and DH let me do it last week!!!!! I am very grateful (and praying God will bless it!).

I also am thankful for "blogland" this week. There are so many ladies out there of 'like faith', who are frugal, who love the Lord, and who are dedicated to their homes. It is wonderful to get a peek into other's lives through blogging and see that there are others out there walking the same path!

At Tammy's, I find great recipes and encouragement on frugal living, something frowned upon by many: http://tammysrecipes.com/ (Tammy has an article about how others view frugality that is a good read.)

At http://minimalistmommy.blogspot.com/, I have found great ideas on frugal living and wonderful blessings, as she lives in Canada and its neat to see how many things are the same and some things are very different- like the price of ground turkey! (I think she said it was about $8!?)

At Laura's, I have found great recipes and ideas, alot of laughs(- as we both have a bunch of boys-) , and much encouragement--- even in places that I didn't think I 'wanted' it! (Like sugar-- believe it or not, I have been affected by her 'Sugar Challenge'! I have cut back, no dark chocolate in ...I don't know how long, but let's not mention it too much! And sweets have been low fat breads and muffins. A big deal for me, HUGE!)

SO, for all that I have found and more, visit:

And post about what you are grateful for this week!
Thanks for hosting Laura!


Laura said...

Thanks Donna! I too have been SO blessed by my new "blogland" friends...in ways that I never knew possible! Isn't it a blessing to be encouraged and linked to women all over the world because of blogging?! A great Gratituesday post!!!

Donna said...

Yes, it is!

Thanks again for hosting Laura.

Char said...

Great post!! I'm grateful for all those things too... :-)