Saturday, May 31, 2008

Baking Day......

I wrote yesterday about the upcoming Bake Sale on Saturday and how I was preparing. Well, today was my baking day and I had some real fun with some fairly simple cakes! Would you like to see???!!!???

Great! You know how much I love to share! :-)
First we made some super cool, TYE-DYED CUPCAKES!
These are so pretty and fun. Not to mention, easy!
Just take your normal yellow cake batter and spoon it out into cups, color, and drop 1 spoon at a time into your baking cups! I made some without paper liners(in the silicone pan) and some with the liners from my metal pans. They were too pretty to frost! I couldn't bring myself to cover up the colors! Please click on the picture to get a better look--especially those colors!
I think there were 2 dozen in all.

Now here is a cake that I couldn't resist! PEANUT BUTTER CAKE WITH PEANUT BUTTER FROSTING! Have I told you all how much I love peanut butter? This cake had a few extra steps but well worth it --hey, it's peanut butter!

AHH, and here we have our favorite! It's BLACK COCOA CAKE WITH BUTTERCREAM FROSTING! Have I told you all how much I love chocolate? ;-) This cake is really easy and my kids helped and could not believe this cake actually has vinegar in it!

Oh and would you look at these!
These are called, "DIED AND GONE TO HEAVEN CUPCAKES WITH COFFEE FROSTING". Have I told you all how much I love coffee, especially when its with chocolate? Ok, Ok, so I happen to love all these sweets. Ok, Ok, so I happen to love sweets period. My only hope is that, someone else will love these too! lol

I think I ended up with a dozen and a half of these. No, I don't know what happen to the rest. Huh? Fingers crossed? What?

Oh, this one smelled so good! I gave one of my boys the choice of how this one would be flavored! I mixed up a basic batter and gave him about 3 choices and he picked this; SPICE CAKE WITH CARAMEL FROSTING! I love the buttery frosting on this cake. It's hard to stop eating!

I had put 2 loaves of homemade FRENCH BREAD in my freezer from my last batch to take along as well.

I had also packaged up some CITRUS ZEST COOKIES to toss in that I made yesterday! My kids are still munching on these today and I'm tickled at how much they like them!

We had so much fun!
The $$$ raised is for a Mission Trip. My oldest DS will be going again this year and they will be returning to Arizona. They will be working with another church there, doing outreach and hosting a VBS. The area is primarily Hispanic and there are many children to reach with the Gospel. The church is small and they were told that last year they could not have held VBS if not for this group. 7 children gave their heart to the Lord last year as a result of this Mission Team's work there. Praise the Lord!


Niki said...

OK me again. No hurry but will you be posting the recipe for the PB cake...loving that one.

Niki said...

I wrote a long note prior to the one about the recipe for the cake but for the life of me cannot figure out what I did. BAsically it said I love your recipes and I cannot keep up...but don't stop because they are all so good. It is just hard deciding what to make..Thanks Donna, you are the best.

Donna said...

You're precious Niki, thank you!

I'll try to get that done within the next day or two for you. Hopefully tonight!:-)