Tuesday, May 6, 2008


This week I am thankful for a special lady that God put in my life for a season to be my 'spiritual mother'. She made a HUGE impact on my life, years ago, when I was a new believer and a new mother. She taught me, she encouraged me, and put tools in my hands (books, Bible studies, etc) to help me become more of what God wanted for my children. Her impact is part of me every day. Her influence blesses my children every day.

She taught me the importance of Bible study and reading to my children, and took me to places to teach me to enjoy God's creation with my children.

Once she took me to a National Park area where I had the wonderful experience of playing with butterflies that kept landing on my finger every time I stuck my hand out! That day we learned what a proboscis was.:-) (I had never seen/noticed that before!) That day the spirit of "hey kids, let's find out" was born in my heart and I have tried to keep it alive ever since! That day, I began to teach my children; "you can learn anything that you want to, all you have to do is look for the information, but there's nothing that you can't find out and learn about"!

I praise the Lord, for His great love and mercy and His provision for me, through that very special lady! Her sacrifice was not in vain, the Lord is still using it today, many years later.

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Laura said...

How wonderful that God put this lady in your life! I look back and see different people that God put in my life to shape me and teach me things...and it's so wonderful. I hope I will be that kind of lady to others.

MammaMia said...

What a blessing she is to you.How wonderful that we are able to grow because of the special people God places in our lives!

Sonshine said...

What a blessing!

Thanks for stopping by my blog...glad the govt. stuff is what you were looking for! I'll get the Math links transferred to my blog sometime before next week! I am trying to "budget" the amount of time that I am on the computer/blogging! :)

Enjoy your weekend!

Niki said...

Oh Donna, I hope it is not too late. I was out all day today and just getting to some of my e-mails. I do freeze jam (hopefully that is what you mean by jelly) but to be honest I prefer cooked jam. Some like the freezer jar which is 10X easier to make but when I lived elswhere I did not have an extra freezer and got used to cooking and canning it. Honestly the best recipes for jam are the ones by Bernardin and they should have the instructions in the box of pectin. I have tried other but they are the leaders in canning and I trust their expertise on this area that can be dangerous if not properly done.



Here are the two links to canning. The post I did on freezing items in jars were items like shredded carrots and zuchinni for breads and desserts as well as homemade cr. of chicken soup. I may do some freezer jams next year for my son's sandwiches but the cooked stuff takes less sugar as I buy the 25%less sugar. I know the packages are different here in Canada but there is something similar plus more. The other thing I do is wash and hull the berries and freeze them like that. That way in the dead of winter when I am not as busy as I am in canning season I can make jam then. Because that is the one of the few items you can do that jam tends to get frozen and dealt with later on. I hope this helps and I hope I am not too late.

On a seperate note my grandparents live somewhere in TN. They absolutely love it and we are hoping to someday visit. My hubby is from Florida and so are his grown kids but he hates Florida...hot and sticky with bugs that kill you, he says.