Sunday, May 18, 2008

How much does a garden cost?

What's the cheapest you can plant a garden for?
Well, if you keep it just EXTRA FRUGAL....alot less than you would think! If you have a've saved what could be the biggest cost.
But what if you don't? Can you still have a garden? Sure!
You could turn it up yourself with shovels and then break it up with hoes and rakes. Yes, lots of work but if you take a couple of weeks in early spring to start this, you can do a little at a time.

You could also try to borrow one. Offer to return it, full of gas, in return.
 You could borrow or barter, or perhaps even rent a tiller from a friend. Often you can find someone local to till it for you for about $20 for a garden the size of an average bedroom or bigger.

Well, if you bought packaged seeds, you could plant a bedroom-sized garden for 10 dollars or less. (Look for marked down seeds in the fall.) To be quick and frugal, you can plant straight in the tilled ground AFTER frost time has passed.
To save more on seeds, you can collect your own. Yep, right from your own food. Cantaloupe, garlic, tomatoes, pumpkin, etc. (These can be more stubborn sometimes but if you are really trying to pinch, they can work. Look for heirloom varieties for best results.)
Sprouting them indoors is more recommended. To keep it frugal, save old yogurt, butter, etc containers. Even jars and egg cartons work well.
Does it pay off?
Well, think about it. Spending 10 dollars for seeds and having green beans for months til you might just have to can some, cucumbers for weeks-til you have to share or pickle 'em, squash-til you have to give some away, corn-til you have to freeze some up....pretty good deal.
The hard part, after turning up the ground that is, is weeding. That's work, but very worth the trouble!
God meant for work to be rewarding --you reap what you sow!


Niki said...

Hi Donna, I have started some veggies from seed for the first time. They just sprounted so I guess I have to take them to a sunny I have to find some sun. Do you have luck with collecting your own seed. Do you have to dry them before storing them? I am growing pumpkins for the first time and literally will plant them in a huge pile of aged horse manure and let them go to town. A farmer told me about this and one thing we are not short on is manure.

Anonymous said...
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