Monday, May 26, 2008

Monday's Menu

MONDAY: (L)Egg Salad Sandwich, carrot and celery sticks, wheat cake with blueberry sauce
(S)Turkey Meatball Sub on homemade French Bread and Salad
TUESDAY:(L) Tuna SaladLettuce Sandwich, cup o' soup
(S)Beans, Squash, Kale greens, Corn, cornbread
WEDNESDAY: (L)Turkey Ham and Cheese Quesadillas, cup o' beans with salsa
(S)Chicken Quesadillas, cup o' beans with salsa, Cinnamon Wheat Cake

THURSDAY: (L)Turkey BLT and Salad, leftover cake and juice pops
(S)Chicken Noodles w/ sauce, freezer veggies

FRIDAY: (L)Fried Rice, green beans, Blueberry Muffins
(S)Turkey Polish Sausage Black Beans and Rice, Wheat Bread

SATURDAY: (L)Potatoes w/ Turkey Polish Sausage in the Crock, freezer veggie, Wheat bread
(S)Turkey patties, rice or pasta, freezer veggies

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