Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Kids and Their Imagination

Anyone wanna guess?!?!

This is my money bucket.

We toss our change in here....but the kids make withdrawals far more than we make deposits!

My older children often have more cash on had than my my younger come to the bucket to even things up a bit. (However, this does not even things up for me. And just in case you are following who ends up with most of the money. :-)

But yes, sometimes, even the bigger kids want to take out a withdrawal.

Sometimes, if they want a pretty big sum, they do some odd jobs but other times I tell them how much that they can get. Ten pennies or one nickel, whatever.

This is where it gets interesting...the tale of what becomes of the money.

These bigger kiddies of mine host their own yard sales! Yes, crazy, but true.

They have so much fun, and the toys get rotated, so it works out to be a pretty good deal.

My kids have learned to count money this way!
My little ones have learned addition and subtraction this way.

Fun and learning--a great combination!

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