Tuesday, June 10, 2008


It's Gratituesday at Laura's!!

This week is VBS at our church and we will be there every night! My kids love this very special occasion and look forward to it all year long!

This week I am thankful for VBS, for all of the many people who work on VBS's, and for how our amazing God can move on the heart of a precious child!

Growing up, this was some of the few times that I remember being in church.
I know how very special this can be and how God can use this event to plant a seed. I am so grateful for the seed that God planted in my heart some 27 years ago in a VBS. It was years later before I gave my life to Him, but that VBS, was where He planted a seed in my young and ignorant heart. He is so precious and good! So merciful!

I am so grateful for Vacation Bible Schools and how so many believers can unite to pull off such an event!

To share in Gratituesday, visit: http://heavenlyhomemakers.com/blog/gratituesday-sweet-relief

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Laura said...

We have two friends who are wonderful Christian men who came to know Jesus because someone invited them to VBS when they were little. It can really be an awesome outreach!