Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ahh Shucks!

This pic reminded me of a Norman Rockwell,lol. It's just my kiddos shuckin' corn.:-)
They were excited to do it this (first) time....but what about the 5th or 6th?


Anonymous said...

My son loves to shuck corn too!! He is my go to guy for this task. As always, thank you for your posts and inspiration.


Donna said...

.Thanks for posting Saryn!
All 6 of mine helped me yesterday! It was a blessing to have their help--a 20 minute job was done in less than 5! Which meant they got to eat earlier,lol. A good incentive!

Elizabeth said...

Brings back memories of shucking corn with my mom. What a great picture!

Donna said...

Thanks Elizabeth!
The garden has been such a blessing for the kids and me!