Friday, July 18, 2008

Don't Just Feed 'em, Teach 'em!


(Click on the pic and you'll see this fella certainly is!)

Sometimes being 'frugal' and eating healthy can collide! With 6 kids (5 are boys) and a DH who can REALLY do some serious eating, I know how hard it can be to make the grocery budget work, especially when you really want to fix your family healthy meals. You cannot afford wastefulness!

One thing that I have found to be helpful, is incorporating a "Health and Nutrition" lesson from time to time, during our homeschooling. This serves many purposes!

It doesn't single out any one child who may be struggling, it simply teaches how different foods benefit the body, as well as encourages them to make healthier choices when given an option.

(I do this during our 'writing time' and have them take notes!:-)

Here's a little sample from one of the last lessons that I put together last year:

-Unpeeled apples have a protective effect from colon cancer. One medium apple has 10% of your daily requirement of vitamin C, which is important for disease prevention.

-Beans are a good source of protein, starch, and fiber. Protein is for muscles. Fiber keeps away tummy troubles. They help fight cancer, stabilize blood sugar, and help control your appetite! They reduce the risk of heart disease. If you combine them with a grain, you have a complete protein.

Reminding my kids of these types of things from time to time, as well as pointing out to them how they 'feel' after eating things like 'fast food', has made an impact on some of their choices. When my older children are away from home any length of time, they have asked me to pack them some 'good food' to take along with them because they say they 'don't feel good' after a day or so of eating 'junk foods'.

In the last 2 1/2 years, we've only had to visit the doctor once for illness. They had the flu, but the doctor was very impressed at how well they looked, how mild their symptoms were, and not to mention how fast they got over it!

So, I say again, DON'T JUST FEED 'EM, TEACH 'EM!

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Laura said...

Great post Donna! I totally agree with you. Then, eating right just becomes a part of them and they don't even have to think about it.

Donna said...

Thanks Laura!
...When my oldest was gone on that mission trip, he bought a bag of apples to keep in his stuff. I thought that was funny, but he's so used to having a certain amount of fruits/vegetables now, he feels like he has to have them. See what you have to look forward to when they turn 16? Packing bags of apples!

BarbaraLee said...

It is fun to try these new dishes but my dh is a picky eater. He doesn't like rabbit food. One of these days it is going to catch up w/him.

Donna said...

Barbaralee, I get where U R coming from! ;-)