Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Several weeks ago after making smoothies, the smoothie machine decided that it was ready for retirement...sigh. I hovered over it a few days and begged it to reconsider but it was determined to find a safer haven of rest.
So, DH, being the patient, smoothie-lovin' fellow that he is, was very kind and took me right out to get a new blender! Yippee!
Well, I'm zippin' around with this new machine and it just stops. I push the buttons again and it simply replies something like "mmmplhhh". Hmmp! I look at it rather sternly and say "my kids don't sass me that way and neither are you!" Again I push the buttons and again it replies "mmmplhh". Gee winkers! Not the new one too!
DH came through about this time and I had to confess my murderous sin of bludgeoning another machine. He tried his best to resuscitate it, but it determined to only reply "mmmplhh".
I decide to call good old, faithful Walmart up and tell them my story and that I had no box, no receipt, but could I please bring it back. Would you believe they said "yes"?!?!!
God bless Sam's heart for his great policies!
But not only did she let me exchange it but, with DH's encouragement, I bought an even better one! (I told her that I was afraid to get the same one because I was afraid that it would go "mmmplhh" too.) This thing is like a lion! It purrs, chews it up, and spits it right back at cha! I don't think I could kill it with a sledge hammer!
Now what part of that do you think I'm the most grateful for?!?!
Well, its sorta the part between the lines..... God and DH seem to always make a way to provide just what I need to keep that kitchen functioning! Just what I need to keep preparing healthy foods for my family! I'm so thankful for that-- God is so faithful! He is precious!
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Amy @ Finer Things said...

I don't know what I'd do if I lost my blender... or my crock pot... or electric skillet... I love how God provides for us, too!

MammaMia said...

What a blessing God's provisions bring to our lives!

Laura said...

As much as I don't like Walmart sometimes...I really do like Walmart. They're great about returns and making things right with the customer. So thankful that God provided you with a blender that doesn't sass you!

Donna said...

What would life be without all of those? :-)
He truly is so good and precious!
I understand. I have a love-hate relationship with Wally World too.
And for today- there's no sassing around here!!!
Praise the Lord!

Thanks for posting ladies!

JadeMerie said...

my blender did this the other day too! I have yet to get another one :( What a blessing!

Donna said...

Hope U get another soon!
They are hard to live without once U get used to them!