Friday, August 1, 2008


I first saw Rush many years ago on the TV when he was on (I think) after Letterman. I would watch him and think, "Wow, who is this guy?" It was the first I had ever heard of him....but then he was gone from TV and it would be years later before I was re-introduced to him by DH on radio.

He is the best... and on occasion, I even have my boys listen to him. He is one of the 'modern day heroes' that I have chosen to make sure that my children are very aware of.
Yes, his humor and sarcasm are biting, but so is liberalism in our country today. (Wake up call: we have a candidate for the highest office in our land who voted against saving a baby that was born alive after an attempted abortion!)
Rush has done a tremendous service for the 'conservative voice' in America.

For more info on Rush, how he got started, the history of the Limbaugh family, and various tributes to his 20th Anniversary; visit Human Events or Rush's Home Page .


Anonymous said...

I wish I didn't know about your politics! Your blog, but it's kind of a turn-off to some of your readers.

Donna said...

I'm sorry if you feel that way.

Thanks be unto the God our Nation is under though! -for in this blessed land, we have FREEDOM. That freedom is so precious and it gives you and me rights and one of them is freedom of expression and another is, you don't have to be forced into taking up ANY of my views on politics! You don't even have to read them for you are FREE! And for that, I'm glad and think that we both could agree on that.

Rush is a fighter for our constitutional freedoms to continue.

....Rush is the greatest MIND on radio today. You should listen to him at least one day. He is brilliant!

For the most part, I don't post HERE about my religion or politics.

I do have a label here for 'in the news' and Rush being the #1 talk radio host(its on any chart) and THE HIGHEST PAID, and a true hero, and "in the news" for 20 years of 'service'; I wanted to pay a tribute to him.

And honestly,
I wanted to know a little about who my readers are! Thanks for letting me know that U R out there!
God bless!
Have a great day and-
try Rush, you might just like him!

Anonymous said...

I, too, am glad for our constitutional freedoms! Thanks for not taking offense to my comment and answering my comment like a thinking person and an adult. Cheers. :)