Saturday, August 9, 2008

Making Buttermilk

I left these guys out on the stove-top tonight, to work their magic.
What? You only see one jar?
Oh no, it's not the jar, it's what's in the jar!
There's live cultures at work in that jar!
I let these guys work through the night, while I sleep!

I simply pour about a 1/4 cup of buttermilk in my jar, then fill with whole milk.
By morning, they have made me a nice jar of buttermilk!

*If you find that your buttermilk finally turns to a real thick goop, it's time to get a fresh culture and start again! (Laura helped me figure that one out!)


Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

Thank you, thank you, I have not yet made homemade buttermilk except the buttermilk from my butter.

Anonymous said...

Do you heat the milk overnight, like on a heating pad or just on the counter? I'll try it once I find out what to do. I make my own yogurt but I put it on top of a heating pad overnight. Jannel

Donna said...

I do keep my yogurt warm by leaving it in the oven with the light on BUT you DON'T have to keep buttermilk warm. I leave it on the stove top all night and if it isn't clabbered, I leave it out through the morning (the kitchen is warmer and it's done in no time then).

During winter months, I often will make it during the day by leaving it on the oven, from breakfast until bedtime. (It's warmer!)

It's really very easy. :-)