Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I love Thanksgiving! There's nothing like a bunch of good food to draw a family together! I love this time of year and the memories that I'm making with my kids!
We work hard on most 'normal' days, with school work and house work. Even during a lot of the summer; we work. ....But this is one week that we take off to eat and PLAY!
You girls ever read "The Day Momma Played"? Well, this is one of the few times that Momma gets to really play!
I play video games with them, read to them, and just hang out. All of the food is cooked and we go eat whenever we want and then go back to PLAY!
DH is always very kind to deal with a lot of the kitchen clean-up work and tolerant -over eating the same stuff for days and days! ;-)
I have to often make the oldest DS come out of his room--teenagers! But he just thinks we're all nuts.... The other kiddos get me on those video games and beat me something horrible, but we laugh the whole time....until or unless I win! hee hee
....If I beat the youngest DS, whew! He can get a little uptight! (He's the baby ya know? He's used to kinda gettin' his way with his brothers and well, I'm not one of his brothers! I will win --IF I can! ;-)
But I'm so grateful and thankful for this special time of year! It gives me a great chance to spend some real fun time with my kids and make some great memories!
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Oh and, please look for her very special menu planner that she made Just For Me...and you too of course!


Patti said...

Have a wonderful thanksgiving and let us know any ideas for family fellowship on my FAMILY FELLOWSHIP FRIDAY post!

Jen said...

Those are the kind of things our kids will remember. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing this. Have a great Thanksgiving.

Laura said...

Sounds like such a great week!! I KNOW if I played video games with my kids I'd get creamed!! How DO they know what all those buttons do?!?!?