Saturday, November 15, 2008

Some good bargains this week....

At our local IGA, I've been able to buy uncooked, popcorn chicken for a doozy of a deal! 10 pounds for ten dollars!!!
I was able to stretch these into 4 meals per box! Woo-hoo!

At IGA, I also purchased a couple of bags of Caesar Salad for .59!!

At Kroger, I found several bags of salad on markdown for 2.29 and I had .75 coupons and $1 coupons.

I bought about 8 pounds of hamburger meat for about $12. I started to buy some ground chuck at Kroger and then saw that it said "a product of Canada, Mexico, and US". I changed my mind.

My kids also talked me into the cereal deal at Kroger's. General Mills, buy 10 get $$ back off final price= $2 a box....with $1 coupons and a few .75 and .50....I was persuaded to do it but only as a rotation, not an everyday meal. (I'm trying to teach them to like soaked grains, but they aren't liking the 'sour' taste too much. I'm trying to be

We also bought a huge bag of oranges for $5! Yummmy!

Pomegranates are on sale in most places and they are a jewel! They look and taste like little jewels! The kids love them!

We are usually able to buy 3lb bags of onions for $1 so I bought five bags. They go fast here. I use them in just about everything. All of the kids will eat them sliced on hamburgers or sandwiches.

Hams are usually on sale this time of year. DH will usually ask for one, or two. :-) I usually serve it with something that has lots of onions, mustard, and garlic. (You know, the kind of foods that are supposed to help get the bad toxins out of your system? :-)

Celery was found for $1, so we will be having lots of peanut butter on celery sticks this week too! (If you keep it wrapped well, it will keep in the frig for a much longer period.)

I also found red grapes for $1 a pound. What kid can resist a juicy grape!?!?! Not me, for sure!

Sweet potatoes are in lots of places for 2lbs for $1. A good price considering most of the time they are .89 a pound.

I have been able to find 50lb sacks of potatoes for 11.99. A good price considering that most 10lb bags are around $4. (Often, these run on a sale for ten dollars. Once in a blue moon for even cheaper.)

Carrots are running .79 a pound in a few places. Carrots are usually great for kiddies! Mine will eat them cooked in a savory dish or raw, cut into sticks. From time to time, I will even cook them up with butter and sorghum. (We just pulled up the last bit from the garden a few days ago. Yummy!)

Apples are still running at pretty good prices. (Remember my tip about asking your grocer about buying them in bulk! A case can be a better deal for a family who eats alot of apples.)

I also found good deals on coconuts and bananas. Coconuts turn into a fun deal around here! And I love having bananas around for a tide-me-over. (Raisins are good too.)

Being frugal has taught me to look for deals and then work around what I found on sale.
That means when sweet potatoes are on sale, we have them several times. I've learned a couple of ways to cook them that my family enjoys. It's important that I find ways for them to eat various foods so that I can keep to frugal shopping. It wouldn't do me much good to come home with a bunch of deals that they won't eat. :-) But, I have done it a time or two, not knowing how they would react to a new food. Like once, I caught turkey bratwurst on sale.... my two beagles ended up with them. The kids did not like them at all. Neither did I for that matter. I could not convince myself that THAT taste was really turkey!

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