Friday, January 9, 2009


YES, you can be frugal with your pets! Little Penny is already getting used to frugality and she doesn't even know it!

Here's some tips on how I keep her saavily frugal!

-groom myself!--if I can groom a poodle then I can groom her- Captain was only groomed a few times by a professional; when we first got him and then right before we got rid of him. The rest of the time we clipped him ourselves with some of these: The Flowbee is something to consider! (I use one on the boys!) But the clippers can be bought often at yard sales or the Goodwill for $4 or $5! Penny will likely be scissor clipped most of the time.

-I use mild tear-free shampoo on her most of the time. During the summer if I think she may need it, I will use the green Dawn. It will get rid of fleas as well as something that's $6 a bottle! (I used to know a groomer who re-bottled it and sold it for that!)
-I use the clippers or a mustache trimmer to keep her feet and other areas clipped so as to keep her as clean and comfy as possible!

-You can buy their shots from your local Farmer's Coop and give them yourself for just a couple of dollars! Just pull the skin up on the nape of their neck (where a mama dog would pick up a pup) and give the shot in that area. That's far better than a vet bill!

-Penny is a small breed and they eat very little. Right now, she literally only eats a few tablespoons a day! Coupons can always be found for dog food and her food bill, even when full grown could easily be kept under $20 a year.

-Make your own treats! There are recipes all over the net and HERE'S some that I made as gifts once. There is also all sorts of sites out there where people advocate a more natural diet and that could almost be scraps from your meats and other foods, which would basically feed your dog for free but, I'm not sure if that would be best for your pet.
-The little that she will cost us is very much worth it for our home!
($25 per year?)
-What can a pet teach?-patience-perseverance-faithfulness-commitment-etc

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