Saturday, January 3, 2009

Frugality for men?

Yes, it's true! Some men can and do strive to be frugal too! No,'s not just us gals.
I ran across a really nice article called "The Virtuous Life: Frugality" at a site called "The Art of Manliness". It's really encouraging to those of us on the Frugal Road. To sum it up, his basic point was "debt=slavery".

At his site, you will also find a free ebook entitled "Guide to Being a Gentlemen 2008" that might be a useful tool for a couple of teen boys that I happen to know.

There's also some great encouragement to be found in his archives.

I could not find positive confirmation that this site is Christian but neither could I determine that it was not. Everything looks to be 'clean'.

So??? Any guys out there reading my blog? Any gals out there with a guy that might like a frugal and 'guy kinda place' to check out? Looks like the place girls!

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