Sunday, January 25, 2009

More on keeping the kitchen working..and granola

Souring buttermilk, culturing orange marmalade, cooling crispy almond cookies, leftover purple hull peas, and some of the best granola that I've ever made! (I can brag here because it is not my recipe:-)

This granola is from Tammy's and it's called Almond Coconut's unbelievably good!

I made a few adjustments to her recipe.
I made half of it because I wanted to make sure it would go over well around here and her recipe is for a pretty large amount. (*They all did love it and I'll be making the bigger batch, as per her recipe, within the next day or two.)

I used coconut oil, flaked coconut, and 'crispy' (N.T.) almonds in mine. My family loved it as a snack and as a cereal with milk over it. It's a delicious and frugal way to serve up breakfast! And you don't need to add any extra sugar!


Joy said...

Ok my kitchen is definately NOT working for me! I am going to just have to make it do so! LOL!
You are awesome and so is your kitchen!

Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

I made this as well with coconut oil and my family loved it too. Even my husband who doesn't always love that stuff.