Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Story...

One thing that I've always tried to do with my kids is tell them why we celebrate certain holidays. This year, we will once again, go over the story of St. Valentine. (Well, actually, the oldest ones have heard it so many times that they will be given the chance to tell it for me!)
Here is one site with one version of the story. This site also has several fun looking recipes to add to the celebration. There's also a link there that will tell you about the traditions of other countries.
I also really love Brandy's pretty Valentine cookies and may bake a batch of them this year.
Sonshine has put together a great list of Valentine's Day Unit Study Links that would be super fun!
All of these links (and there are so many more) can help you have a fun and frugal Valentine's Day with your Little Sweethearts!
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Happy Valentine's Day
hope you make some great
memories with your families!!!

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Joy said...

great tips! Thanks so much for the links...if only I had a cartridge to print some stuff out! LOL
We will make do though..I didn't know the story of St. Valentine..thanks! Really neat story