Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Who needs TV drama...

...when you can just go to Walmart?!!!?!!!

The other night, we were standing in line at the check out. There was a woman in front of us with a buggy load of stuff and a man in front of her who was checking out. He happened to be using an EBT card and trying to buy energy drinks with them, I think. He was discussing this out loud with the cashier because Walmart won't allow those to be purchased with that card while some other stores will, apparently.

Well, the lady in front of me chimed in to him and told him that those drinks were in a category with alcohol. And I didn't hear what else she said but the cashier said she got kinda smart with him.

Well, then he turns to her and says, "Thank you for getting into my business." To which she replies, "You made it my business when you chose to hold me up in line knowing that you could not purchase that product but yet you made her check anyways."

Well he finally says, "Well, thanks for getting into my business. God bless you." And she made a comment about religion I think. Then he walked off. Less than a minute later, he came back into the store to the Service Desk. Within another minute, the manager was standing there telling the cashier that he had came to 'tell on the customer'. The cashier then told the woman, still in front of me, that she might want to wait a few minutes to leave because he seemed pretty upset with her.

Well, by the time I got checked out and was walking out, he was there loading his things into a taxi talking about kicking her mm-hmm (Yeah, you know) in front of his buddies and the cab driver.

The whole while my kids are looking at me in amazement and wonder. I'm whispering "wait til we get to the van". Because kids can say crazy things about- well, crazy things, and I was just praying that they wouldn't say a word!

This, my friends, is one big reason why I only like to shop once a month!


Joy said...

Ok sorry but i am totally laughing out loud here! I hate walmart don't you!!!! Isn't the world just getting awful! We were in Wal-mart during Christmas one year when I was pregnant with my youngest very pregnant might I add too and I was by myself with my two littles ones then 5 and three..I was in line behind anothere customer that had a buggy full and was waiting when the lady on the other side opened up here line (we were in lawn and garden too!) we only had 2 items from lawn an garden I think and she said I can get someone on this I stood there for a minute no one moved so I moved over there. Well the two women in front of me started yelling at me! They had a buggy full and was saying I can't believe she just did that she just cut in line in front of us..then they proceeded to cuss me out in from of my children and started saying things like and during the christmas season to beat all she cut us off well God bless you little lady..Man you need a **&** whipping for that!
If my kids weren't with me I think I would have gotten really ugly with them..I gave them the chance to get in the line and they didn't move..they were in front of me mind you not behind...
The cashier couldn't believe it!
I got out of there and I have had a new attitude about that place ever since...I don't go to Cookeville walmart anymore!
It is a nasty place!!!
I am like you as glad I don't have to be out in that all the time..Praise the Lord he saw fit to allow me to stay home and nuture my babies for him!

Donna said...

Every time we go to town...I marvel at the madness!

I cannot believe someone treated you that way!

Rona's Home Page said...

This is why my husband loves Walmart! lol

Donna said...

my husband is a people-watcher, so he get's a bit of a kick out of it too....he wasn't with me that day so he missed out on that one!

Wendy said...

Unreal! But, honestly....nothing surprises me anymore! People are crazy! It just blows my mind how and why people act like this! I guess looking at the positive can discuss this with your kids and make it into a "lesson" on how to treat people kindly and discuss how the situation could have been handled nicely! Made for a funny post on your blog too! Lol!

Organized Nutrition said...

If I was that woman, when he said "THANKS FOR GETTING IN MY BUSINESS." I would have said " You made it my business when you pulled out your EBT card that I as a Tax payer pay for!!!!!"
I just get irked when these type of people think they can just use the system.... RUDE!
Sort of like the woman on TV who when they were talking about taking POP off the EBT card use, she said on TV "What if I wanna drink a coke with my steak? I have the right!"
HELLO, 3 things wrong with that sentence!!!!

Anonymous said...

I was just going to say the same thing OM!

I think these welfare people should go back to paper stamps, and an APPROVED listing of what you can and cannot buy. And I say just the necessities. No shrimp, or the finest steaks etc. these people are on welfare for a reason, not to suck the money dry from people who have a job!