Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Field Trip!

We got to go to the Mennonite Community to pick up my wheat the other day, woo hoo!
And, as if that wasn't a great thing all on it's own...
We found some very yummy Amish Roll Butter!
We also stopped at a little diner there that served us some yummy ice cream!
And we also found some other yummy treasures...Millet! Carob powder! Arrowroot! Black-strap Molasses!
And you see those Nesquick barrels.... its not Nesquick in them...
it's milk! mmm! Yummy real milk!
We were able to find some one way out there in the country who just happened to have some extra that day! I'm hoping and praying that it turns into a way to get more eventually but for this day...we have some wonderful real milk!
What a field trip!
My kids had so much fun that they begged me to go back, the next day!
(We also got to see some very interesting things while we were there, like the leather shop and an a man on an old-fashioned horse drawn plow!)


Joy said...

You have sparked my interest so much that I have been politely begging my dh to take me to the variety store! Do you stop at every store there or get your main things at general store..last time I was at general store they didnt even have millet. I haven't drove on out though I guess I need to do that!

Marnie said...

Looks like you had a wonderful, productive trip! I would love to get my hands on some fresh milk!

Donna said...

Some things are a little old at the variety store -- the important stuff like bon-bons need to be bought at the general store!

I was so blessed to stumble across it! Pray for this lady's cows for me will ya? ;-) If the Lord blesses we may be able to get more in the future! :-)