Monday, March 23, 2009


I've been waiting soooo (im)patiently for their promise to be filled....
You remember me tellin' you that they were building ME an Aldis here?
Yeah, well, they did! They had their Grand Opening the other day (and I didn't even attempt to go near the place).
Well, DH decided to (sneak and)stop by the place- without me! Sooo, I kept on and on (begging and whining) until he offered so generously to let me go with only half a crew of kids! I was out the door in 5 minutes! (Everybody had their shoes on already so we didn't have to go looking for any! ;-)
Would you believe they had milk for a whopping $2.29 a gallon?!?!
And a dozen of eggs for a gigantic .49 cents a dozen?!!?!!
I'm so grateful for another frugal grocery store in our town!
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Joy said...

Oh wow! I can't wait to that their prices for everyday? Eggs .49 cents and milk under 3 dollars? Wow how was there produce?

Marnie said...

How nice for you! I am sure you will make good use of the new store.

I was only able to visit an Aldis once. We lived South of the Kansas City, Kansas area for 18 months 12 years ago. I think back then I wasn't the greatest shopper and didn't appreciate the good deals. Now, I definitely would! Enjoy!