Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Picnics on the Porch..Works for Me!

My kids love it when I find opportunity to make an average day and little more fun!

We don't have sandwiches a lot around here and near never have 'chips' but I surprised them today with sandwiches and chips and these cool little drinks, along with cinnamon graham crackers. (*please note: I did get some veggies on the sandwiches!)

It was soooo nice and fun! The wind was blowing (as it is bringing in a rain) and the birds were singing and the cows were across the street moo-ing! It was so much better than sitting in the house!!! :-)

Picnics on the Porch! -Works for Me!


Joy said...

I love picnics! They are soo much fun with the kids, and just being outside ahhhh.. can't wait until this weather breaks!!

Organized Nutrition said...

AH, please send some of that weather my way... Today it is VERY COLD and snowing...
My kids love eating outside and can't wait to do it!!!
What a cool mom you were today!!!!

Missy said...

This is my first time visiting I enjoyed your blog! Sometimes the simple things are more enjoyable than extravagant things!