Sunday, March 29, 2009

Rush on Turning Your Lights OUT

RUSH: By the way, you people that are unable to resist the tug of popular sentiment and are going to participate in this childish and foolish symbolic, meaningless act of turning off your lights at 8:30 on Saturday night for an hour, just remember something. In California, when they mandate that everybody start driving a bunch of little lawn mowers with a couple seats on them, to save the environment, and to save energy, the state realized after not too long a period of time that fewer gallons of gas sold meant a loss of tax revenue. So they talked about raising the tax on gasoline. In North Carolina, Raleigh-Durham area, the Golden Triangle, as it's called, during a drought they limited the use of water. And when people followed the law and used less water, the city got less revenue from sales and taxes on water and so they raised taxes on water.

I can't say it any other way. I know this might offend new arrivals here who think I'm pompous and arrogant and so forth, but if you are stupid enough to think that turning off your lights for an hour on Saturday night's going to do anything other than raise the cost you pay for electricity, you need to think again. It isn't gonna make one Sam Hill's worth of difference to anything. I know you'll feel better about yourself, and I know you think I'm trying to deny you feeling better about yourself. That's not it at all. I just hate people acting as sheep, engaging in worthless, meaningless things that will end up resulting in the loss of freedom. If you willingly, because of some initiative put forth by an actor and a singer, if you are willing to turn off your lights for an hour, then how willing will you ultimately be for them to come along and order you to do it.

Well, I know I mentioned that they're going to have videos of what people do when the lights are off. That's what the website says. We know that when the lights go off in a power failure nine months later, bammo, got more human beings and more abortions, depending on who got pregnant. So it could end up, this hour off could end up producing more people which will ultimately threaten the planet far more than any one hour without electricity in your house. So make sure that you get a condom. Make sure you get a condom from China so that it has lead in it. Get prepared, either up the contraception or go out and get a condom and prepare for your hour of darkness. Saturday night at 8:30, so that you don't mistakenly raise and elevate the US population, which of course will put stress on the planet down the road.

(he told in the earlier part of the program how he lit up his whole house!;-)

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