Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What's on sale this week in my area......

Here's a FEW things!

Ground beef $1.29 lb
5lb flour and cornmeal $1.49
Chicken breast .99
Bananas .49
Grapes .99
JIF 18oz $1.69
PictSweet Frozen Veggies 16oz .99

Dollar General Market
15lb Idaho Potatoes $3.50
4lb oranges or 5 lb grapefruit $2.50

Food Lion
Sweet potatoes .69
Celery .99
Whole Fryers .89 (Walmart is .88 I think)
Chuck Roast $1.89

Jumbo Cantaloupe 2 for $3
12 Double Roll cottonelle $5.99
Wild Salmon Fillets $4.99
3lb Mandarin Oranges $3.99
Organic Cameo Apples .98lb
Pineapple $2.99

(Walmart had Organic Carrots for .88 lb)


Joy said...

Thank you so much for this Donna!
Aldi's opens this week! Woo hoo are you planning to check it out? I think I am going too..I got a coupon in the mail.

Donna said...

I got a $5 coupon in the mail too!
Woo hoo!
I can hardly wait but I am getting different dates as to the real opening; 21st, 23rd,?

Joy said...

I thought our coupon said the 20th?
Is that what yours said? Can we use coupons there?
maybe we will go on same day so I can bring you Kayannas sewing machine!