Friday, April 10, 2009

Oh for the love of strawberries!

I don't know who is worse, the children or me, when it comes to NOT being able to pass up a good deal!
We found these for .99 a carton and they piled them in the buggy until we had a whole flat and me being the victim of my own desires for strawberries (it was THE craved food during most of my pregnancies); I just couldn't tell them no!! (the strawberries that is, not the kids- I can tell them no- just ask them!)
So if I seem a little scattered, its because I am trying to keep strawberry juice from my keyboard on my computer! :-)


Joy said...

Oh Yum! We love strawberries too! Were they a local sale or you just happen upon them? Good for you those are very healthy, and I can eat them even though I am dieting!

Donna said...

They were on sale at IGA, just stumbled on them.
He's got cabbage for .19 and potatoes for 8.75 for 50# and a couple of other things, so I ran there and stumbled upon these little treasures!

Donna said...

Hey Joy,
I think I'm still having some email issues because I am getting some back and I haven't heard from you BUT, I wanted to let you know that DH knows someone through his 'work' that has a tiller that is going to come do the garden for us. Yippeee!!! Just wanted to let you know and thank you so much for offering!!
...Now if the weather will just dry out! ;-)