Monday, May 11, 2009

Another Tale from Walmart...

I have a new tale nearly every time I visit Walmart. I don't know if its me OR if perhaps Walmart is really THE TWILIGHT ZONE...dee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee

Ok, DH takes me and the 6 kiddy winkies to Wally World for a cake and to pick out a couple new articles of clothing- so sweet! ;-)
Well, we stand back in the bakery area along with about 6 other families/groups of people because DH wants them to write something special on the cake. Well, the other families split. They saw that we were ALL being ignored or perhaps invisible, and they walked away, one by one. But not DH, he walks down to the deli meats and asked for help in the bakery.
Well, enters Twilight Star Numero Uno! He tells her that he needs something written on the cake and she's making such a face that I had to walk away with the kids- (you CANNOT have 3 teens with 3 elementary aged children in a setting like that- cuz one of them is gonna say something!). Well, DH says:"Would you write Happy Mother's Day on this cake for me please?" TSNU (Twilight Star Numero Uno) says, "Is that a name?" DH replies, "Happy Mother's Day??" She's says, "Oh my!-- Oh- Oh,there she is! There she is! There's the lady that works back here." Then to TSN Dos(Twilight Star Numero Dos=2), she says, "Oh, I'm glad you are here. You got a real hard one there!" And I take about 20 more steps away because the kids are starting to make comments. :-)
Well DH says, "Can you write Happy Mother's Day on this cake?" She does, and then asked, "Anything else?" He said, "Can you write from D and six, the number 6, and K, apostrophe 's'? From D and 6 K's?" Well, this is what he got: Not bad from the Twilight Zone!
dee dee dee dee, dee dee dee dee


Joy said...

OH my that is sooo funny! You find yourself going "Where do these ppl come from!!??"

Donna said...


Wendy said...

Oh my Goodness!! I'm speechless! UNREAL!! And I thought I was blond!

Donna said...

This is part of the reason that I like to shop once a month and call things in ahead of time! :-)