Thursday, May 21, 2009

The gift of a Godly example...

When I was a younger mother, God gave me a beautiful gift for a season in my life. I will be forever grateful!

Her name, I won't mention here, but she was the mother of 3 grown children, 2 of which she home schooled- back in the day when it was completely unheard of!

I wanted to share one of the things that she did for her children- they were not aware of!

She took one day a week, every week, and fasted- and prayed!!! She rotated through her children where each had the entire day, reserved especially for them, as she brought their name to the Throne! She had done that throughout many, many years of their life. Perhaps their entire life, I do not recall if she told me.

But the results...
Oh, well, ...this side of heaven...who could say for sure? But as for her children- good kids! Great kids! They each knew and loved the Lord. I can't think of anything greater than that!

The kids were certainly above average and talented. But the mother's devotion stood out to me more than anything. She meant for her kids to be the Lord's and she knew it was a greater job than her strength alone could accomplish. In her weakness, the Lord was strong! She understood her desperate state and she threw herself at His mercy. What love! What a great sacrifice! Years of taking ONE DAY A WEEK to humble herself before The God of heaven and earth, and beg for His parental love, care, and guidance for her children.

Its been years since I saw her, but I am touched today, remembering the depths of her love and sacrifice for her children.

3 John 1:4 I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.


Joy said...

What a testimony this woman impressed on many it seems. Great story it would do us all good to forever be at God's mercy and humble ourselves. I myself need to do more of this everyday.
Thanks for sharing!

Organized Nutrition said...

What a great story Donna! THANKS so much for sharing! Makes me think about needing to spend more time with each of my kids!