Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Kitchen Tip: Prevent Boil Over Potatoes!

My family loves mashed potatoes!
If they had them everyday, I think that'd suit them just fine. Probably wouldn't here a complaint for years!
I don't have a quicker solution for peeling them- sorry!
But, I've discovered something that will prevent them from boiling over, all over the place!
Its a simple little trick:
Toss in a small pat of butter once you've put the potatoes and water in the pot and PRESTO!- no boil over! Now, it will splash, but it won't do that foaming over thing that really does a number on flat top stoves and drip pans!
Yah butter!
And- it only takes just a dab!
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Organized Nutrition said...

actually, you shouldn't let your potatoes boil at all... really, it is hard, but your potatoes will taste better,,, just a low heat to cook them!!!! AND throw them in skins and all, they have more fiber that way!!!! (I hate to peel too!!!!)

Ali said...

vegetable oil or olive oil also work well, encase you are out of butter. :)

Joy said...

I always do this too! I don't really remember where I learned the trick though.Great tip!

Shannon said...

What a great tip....thanks so much! I will certainly use this next time I make potatoes.

Hopewell said...

I'll try that. I always use vegetable oil or olive oil in dry beans to prevent foam. I also use olive oil to "mash" my garlic mashed potatoes--it and a pinch of rosemary.

Thia said...

Thanks for sharing this tip!