Sunday, May 17, 2009

What did you do this weekend?

I spent several hours Saturday making several different kinds of bread. DH asked me to 'come up with' a good Breakfast Bread for toast! (No way I'm gonna let that slide! Especially after paying $1.88 for a decent loaf of REAL wheat from the store with no HFCS. :-) "Why dear, I thought you'd never ask!" ..So I happily worked on that and sliced them up and put them in Ziploc bags to store in the fridge!!!
**Update: He was very please and compared my Wheat and Flax Bread to Ezekiel Bread (the texture, when toasted)- mind you a $4 and $5 loaf of bread! Woo hoo! Above is the Wheat and Flax.
These two are Whole Wheat and pretty close to perfect! ;-)

One loaf of the wheat was eaten right away with butter and honey. (You can see the price sticker for $11.89 in the back?? It's on my 5lb bucket of honey from Cash-n-Carry!)

Fresh tea and bread with butter and honey to wind up my baking....but as usual...every time we do this....on a warm day....the next day is cold...I don't know why....80+degrees one morning, the next 56!


Anonymous said...

Need the recipe!!! Looks delicious!

Organized Nutrition said...

AH Donna, those look great! I need to figure out how to make a LIGHT FLUFFY Whole Wheat loaf... My hubby hates (ok, doesn't really care for) homemade breads cause usually they are heavy... he likes LIGHT... GRRR! I make him suffer anyways!

Donna said...

Denai, Don't give up!
They will be heavier but- you CAN find something that he likes!

Have you seen my wheat dinner rolls? They use some plain flour but it is the "bread" that usually wins everyone's favor.

That is also the recipe that I used for the bread in the top pic with flax....I used the 2 cups of wheat flour, 1/2 cup ground flax, and half cup of unbleached flour.

I also use butter, beef fat, or olive oil rather than shortening, now.
(N.T. = traditional fats are said to be better for you!)But they were very good with the shortening! ;-)

Organized Nutrition said...

thanks Donna... I do have a dinner roll that he likes, just NO sandwich bread YET!!!! Key word is YET!!!!
I started using PALM shortening, but most of my recipes I use butter in... GOOD OL' BUTTER!