Saturday, June 6, 2009

SAMMY'S! -- (a baked sandwich roll-up)

These make for a great lunch! I like that I can clean up the kitchen while they bake so when the meal is over, plates, cups, and the table are the only clean-up!
I used this recipe, except I used about 4 cups of wheat flour and about 3 cups of white. (I also used half the yeast because I wanted a longer rise time.)
It's a nice french bread and I just sectioned it out into 4 loaves, rolled them out into a rectangle and placed the following on the Sammy; turkey ham, cheese, lightly steamed spinach, sauteed onions, and another dab of cheese. (Sprinkle lightly with garlic salt for added flavor!) Then, I rolled them up like a jelly roll and allowed about 30 minutes to rise. If you set your meat and cheese out before you use it, this would rise quicker, but if your meat and cheese are cold, it may slow it down. Also, allow steamed spinach and sauteed onions to cool before using them.
Any toppings and fillings would work but I thought my crew would really go for these!
I even made one with just cheese and garlic salt! mmm!
(They also liked mustard and Annie's Goddess Sauce for dipping the Sammy's in!)
*Also, I only used ONE pack of sandwich meat to make these!*

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