Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wanna hear about this month's shopping?

These are what's left of a large box of peaches- the rest? Oh, packed in the fridge because they are really nice and ripe and I would like for them to last for a couple of days... my six kiddies and DH will have them gone in no time, so I'm not too worried!
This box (when full of course) cost $16 and there were about 100 peaches in it!
-I asked the kids could I replace their favored apples with peaches this time because I could get a good deal- they were game, so here's a few to show you!-;-)
What else?
Ok, buckle up!
At Leo's, I spent about $200 and here's what I got!
40+ pounds of ground beef
6- five pound roasts
10 pounds of tip sirloin cut into steaks
4 pkgs of organically raised pork sausage
the above box of peaches (like 40lbs)
8 cans tuna
2 bunches fresh broccoli
1 head of cauliflower
9lbs of onions
50 pounds of potatoes
15lbs of sugar (this is a major cut back, but I still use white sugar for iced tea;-)
20 lbs of fryer chicken breasts
****That's almost 200 pounds of food for almost $200!****
This was a great start for my monthly shopping trip!
Two tips:
1) remember Brandy's tips about buying bulk produce!
She buys on sale items and preserves much of it!
2)When meat is on sale, regardless of the cut, you can often get your butcher to carve it up or grind it up, anyway you would like it!


Joy said...

Great deals Donna! I was just telling my dh yesterday how I wanted peaches so bad..umm peach pie sounds so good. Wow it is amazing you got that for about $1 alb per item...great job I bet you are tickled! thanks for sharing

Donna said...

Wish you lived closer, I'd give you a sack of them!

Joy, when I walked out of the store my big kids were doing the math, lol. Adding up the pounds of food then asking me what I spent- They were shocked at the food vs the $$, lol. ...and of course REAL happy 'bout all those peaches! ;-)

Brandy said...

Wow! Price per pound is really interesting, isn't it? That's great, Donna! I can't believe those deals on meat! Sometimes it pays more to spend more at once if it will last you a long time (like the meat that you're going to put in the freezer). You won't have to buy meat for a long time, and you've bought it at it's lowest price!

Can I come to dinner at your house? Your food is looking really yummy! I want one of those Sammys :)

My husband just learned of a woman who buys potatoes in 100-pound bags here in town. We are trying to find out her source; they were the big baking potatoes, too. I wonder how much they are per pound? When he was a child, his mother used to buy 100 pounds of potatoes a week from a restaurant supplier for her family. The potatoes are inexpensive here, but the quality is not good, as it's the end of last year's supply.

If we had more room, we would love to grow lots of potatoes.

Donna said...

**Brandy, the mail is on the frits again! I've had some kicked back 3 times today!

Yes Brandy! -price per pound is VERY interesting!
I have really enjoyed looking at it like that and my children have even jumped on the wagon a little!

I would love to get a good price on baking potatoes.

I can find regular potatoes here in 50#bags and most of the time they are good but sometimes I get ahold of a bad bag.

And sure you can come for dinner!
I would be delighted to share! ;-)

How many kids did your mother-in-law have??? 100lbs a week? Wow!

Thanks for all the tips you've given to me Brandy!