Wednesday, July 1, 2009

In Memory.....Brother Chris

With shock and a heavy heart, I ask for prayers for this family.
I have mentioned them only briefly here and to some of you, as their country of residence was not "free".
With their hearts full of love and their hands ready for service, they went to Mauritania. They went into this country as aid workers. They sincerely wanted to help the people of Mauritania.
Chris left Mauritania last week- and went to see our Lord.
He leaves behind, a lovely wife, Jackie, and his four beautiful children.
Again, will you pray for this family? To read more:
Here is an article from their hometown's paper.
Here is one from BosNewsLife
And here is a tribute from the funeral directors.
PLEASE NOTE: the last link and the link at VOM have an address listed where you can write or, if you feel led, to send gifts to Jackie and the children.
Mat 22:9 Go ye therefore into the highways, and as many as ye shall find, bid to the marriage.
Update: CBN has a new post up to honor Brother Chris.
Here is an update was posted on the condition of their city.
Please continue to pray for them.


Joy said...

So sad! I will remember this family in my prayers!

I also sent you an email about plums.

Donna said...

I know she would appreciate your prayers!

Kate said...

Our lives for America we can without fear read our Bibles anytime day or night; we can talk about our Lord at the library and grocery store; we can sing praises without worry of bodily harm; we can tell others about Christ with only their deaf ears and maybe rudeness to deal with, but rarely are in fear for our own lives. Our lives for Christ...Chris ultimately gave his life for Christ after he lived his life for Christ in an area where the risks for harm ran so much higher than in America. This situation should cause all of us who "give our lives" for Christ to examine just what do we do and pray to the Lord to show us what we could and should be doing to truly live our lives for Christ, no matter how big or small. May the Lord give peace and comfort as only He can to the family of Chris.

Donna said...

What well-said, heart-felt words!
Thank you!