Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Waiting in line, when its worth it! ..another tale from Walmart


Turkeys were on sale, according to a sign, at Walmart. This wonderful little sign simply said "Tom Turkey .49 lb".

Well now- you know I can't pass up a deal like that! Right?!?!?

Well, I get my 2 turkeys to the check-out, along with a few other items, one being a bag of turnips which of course happened to not have the price sticker on them. So, cashier has to call produce- twice- and finally I send ds back to get another bag. You know he brought back the only other bag there without a sticker- right? Yep, so back he went. In the meantime she scans the turkeys and we discover that one is a "hen" not a "tom". So back ds goes to get the "tom" and return the "hen".

In the meantime we discover that the scanned tom turkey rang up on sale at .98 lb. Well, I tried to explain the sign and she discovers that the tag says .88 lb. Neither are right!

DS gets back with second tom while cashier has called the manager who calls the frozen meat department- twice. (Neither of those departments ever returned the calls!) So the manager then calls for another employee to come to the desk and she sends him after a price check-(guess my word isn't good enough-- just kidding-- I wasn't offended in the least). So the cashier and I then take turns telling people that I have the line tied up on a price check. :-) ...She really was a nice lady with great patience.

Well, employee returns and says that "hens" are $1.69! To which I reply that I don't have "hens", these are "toms". So he searches the whole entire turkey for one word: "tom"! And it is not to be found so manager comes back and gives me the price based on my testimony and the cashier's testimony, that this is indeed a "tom"! And employee of course chimes in that the "toms" are .49lb. And being the smart gal I am, I try to tell them that the "hens" are small- these are huge, which means they are "toms"! -sigh-

Do I get my price?
Yes! In the end I did and it was worth the whole fifteen minute standoff!
I got a $19+ turkey for $9+! And the other $22+ turkey for $11+!!! Yah!
Savings= over $20!


Joy said...

My goodness! So are they really on sale then? How funny and Wal mart can be so frustrating sometimes!

Donna said...

Yes, Joy!
I don't know if they have more (in Algood), but that was the sale price that was above the turkeys.
I wonder if Cookeville would have them?