Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Chicken Hollandaise

Saute 1 chopped onion in 1/4 cup butter.
Blend in 4 T arrowroot or cornstarch and 5 cups of chicken broth.
Heat over medium-low heat until well blended.
Add 2 stalks of celery that have been very finely chopped.
1 T lemon juice
3 cups cooked, cubed chicken
Heat well.
Beat 4 egg yolks and to them add 1/2 cup of the heated broth and stir well. Add yolks to broth gradually and stir. Cook until thick and salt to taste.
Serve over whole wheat toast. (I toasted some fresh baked Breakfast Bread.)
*Served here with fried cabbage and green beans.


Millie said...

I made something like this for dinner last night. Let me tell you how it came about. I had taken a package of chicken hind quarters out of the freezer (I bought a family size and divided it up). After it thawed out and I was looking at it I realized it wouldn't be enough for all of us for dinner. So I did what you suggested and prayed over it. I cooked the hindquarters in the crock pot all day and then turned it into a chicken gravy type thing (which I officially called Hungarian chicken) and put over hm noodles. It ended up being more than enough and we had leftovers. You were so right my friend! God is good!

Donna said...

Praise the Lord Millie! God is truly good!

Over and over again, I have watched God direct me in the kitchen and even grocery shopping.
He truly is our Provider.

You did good- giving the dish a name! Many times, my family will say "what's this called" or "don't forget how you made it" ;-)
I just have to look at them and say "I dunno" or "you guys give it a name"!

Chicken quarters are on of the cheapest ways to buy and stretch chicken! They are often .39 a pound here.
Good job Millie! Woo hoo!