Monday, October 26, 2009

Fish Eggs...

Oh yes, I have arrived! This is indeed caviar. My kids have had so much fun just chatting about these. Comments like these have been heard; "I thought caviar was like a million dollars!" and "Isn't caviar 'spensive?"

Even funnier to me is the difference in my kids on how they respond to new and unusual foods! The younger three will eat anything! The older three, particularly the oldest two, will question me and really think that I'm one cockadoodledoo shy of cuckoo! They will say things like; "I'm not so sure this is a real food source mom." Or, "No one else in the whole wide world eats this!"
-sigh- They do keep me laughing though!

I came across this jar while quizzing one of the fellows at Kroger in the meat department. He told me that he wasn't sure if they could order 'fish eggs' but he showed me this jar of 'caviar'. Who knew it was on the shelf the whole time?!?! Sure enough, there it was with the canned tuna, salmon, crab, shrimp, etc. The cost? It's six dollars for a tiny little jar- HOWEVER- it will go far serving it like this. It has a strong flavor and is quite salty so I've found that a little goes a lonnnnng way!

These are whole wheat Savoritz crackers, spread with cream cheese (or buttermilk cheese or yogurt cheese), and topped with a dab of fish eggs. (There are more fish eggs on these than my kids prefer but I wanted you to see them real good.


Millie said...

I'm going to take a look at the store and see if I can find fish eggs. I don't ever remember seeing them but then again, I've never looked for them. We have a Kroger owned store in town so maybe they stock similar things.

Donna said...

Hope you can find them!
I had never seen them either.

The young guy I talked to said that the 'seafood manager' might could get them....and that he had just gotten someone alligator! -gulp- eww!