Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Juicing and stocking the freezer for breakfast...

While reading through Nourishing Traditions, I discovered a little note about juicing, specifically carrots. The tip was to add a little cream to juiced carrots so your body can use the yummy beta carotene. -and let's face it, heavy cream added to anything is good! Mmmm!
I've been doing more of this since its that 'germie time of year' and hopefully a few extra fruits and veggies will help keep us well! Then I decided to stock up the freezer with some waffles. (I already have a stash of pancakes!)
These are whole wheat and I used this recipe.
These are big, fat, sweet Belgian waffles! I used this recipe for these big cakes! I hope to serve fruit and whipped cream on these! (unbleached flour and 1/2 the butter called for)

Now I have 3 large freezer bags full of pancakes and waffles! I think I'll sit down now and drink the rest of my juice! ;-)


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{ L } said...

Such amazing homemaker ideas! Thank you for the motivation.