Friday, October 23, 2009

Liver Gravy +...

I decided that I couldn't just keep tossing out the little bags in the chickens when I made Lil' Roasted Chickens last.
I tossed them (2) into one quart of water with 2 T raw vinegar. I threw in a quarter of an onion, a sprig of thyme, and some fresh black pepper for flavor. I simmered them for 2 hours while the chickens roasted in the oven.
I then strained the broth, keeping the heart, liver, kidneys, and chopping them up very fine. (The beagles got the necks!)
I heated it back up and beat 1T cornstarch with 2 T cold water and added that to the broth. It thickened up very nicely. I then added lots of salt and pepper to make it just right.
How did this go over with the children?
I served the gravy on the table, allowing them to serve themselves if they wanted any.
Well, the older ones were not brought up eating strange things so they rejected it right away.
The younger - they've had their share of strange foods and -they gobbled it up! And I want you to know, that they liked it SO well, that they ask for some in mugs so they could eat it like soup!
Why yes, of course I let them! :-)
Now, what to do with that pack of hearts and gizzards in the freezer...hmm....

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