Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ok WalMart, who do you think you're fooling?

Have you girls noticed that the new and NOT improved WalMart brand Ziploc bags are horrible???

Well, you zip them once, maybe twice, and then you don't zip them again! I'm not kidding!
They've made the 'zippers' different and skinny and they won't work right after the first couple of times, particularly after you wash them. Once you wash them- they're done!

See, I don't know if Walmart understands this, but some of our goals are to buy the least amount possible! That means that their brand will be excluded from our shopping lists because we want to buy LESS bags, not more bags!

See, we will pay a little more for another brand that we can get more uses out of rather than never be able to reuse theirs! We will wait for sales and coupons and buy another product.

The WalMart bags that I have here will be used for meat for the freezer (since I don't reuse these) but my everyday use--- I will have to use a brand that will work a few times!

I wonder if WalMart thought we wouldn't notice. I wonder if they really thought that we wouldn't shop around!? I wonder if they thought we'd buy MORE of their faulty bags!?! Don't they know we're frugal? We will get the most bang for our buck! ;-)

Please excuse me- I was thinkin' outloud again....
Oh, and one more thing- that's not very 'green'. I thought they were 'green'...not that I am, but you know....that's a lot of plastic!


Kim said...

Yet another reason to avoid WMart...I try to buy as little as possible there. Thanks for the heads up! BTW...I love your blog and am really looking forward to Brandy's guest post!

Donna said...

Hi Kim!

I'm looking forward to Brandy's post too! I'm sure it will be a blessing to many -Brandy is a great homemaker with wonderful ideas!