Saturday, October 24, 2009

A ROCKIN' coupon site- the best I've seen!

My DH yelled for me to come see this 30 second clip on this coupon site on some television program that he was watching, earlier today.

I thought it would just be the 'normal' print your coupons here site but I checked it out and even signed up just to see what all was available.

Well, turns out that this not only hooks you up to all the big and main coupon sites, AND sends you emails of the super savers weekly- BUT for those of you who try to stay focused on the fresh and real food- it offers all of the sale prices on EVERYTHING! I didn't even see some of these prices listed this week in the flier. ...But as I clicked on my state and my Kroger, I looked through the list and I could even see the price on Organic Apples and Organic Potatoes!

That's important so you can plan before you even leave your house!
AND, for those of us who do our bulk shopping once a month, we can see in advance, a lot more detailed sales AND this site also shows if there are coupons (AND LINKS TO THEM!), for certain products! WOW!

Sorry, I get a little excited about good things! (like saving money, aids to help me plan my once-a-month shopping, etc)

Oh- the site-

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