Sunday, November 8, 2009

Menu Plan...

Kvass, Kombucha, and bone broth- I'm ready!

- pancakes for some, eggs and applesauce for others
- (LF) Chicken Devan, corn, salad, (FF) breadsticks-bananas and clementines
- "Family Sandwich"(I made enough dough at lunch to make a giant short loaf of bread.)
- eggs-n-ham
- beefy stuffed pita bread with lettuce, tomato, and sprouts/ black bean salsa
-Oriental Chicken and Shrimp Stir Fry, beets
Snacks: clementines, bananas, nuts, brownies
- Brown Rice, eggs
- Zucchini Quiche, hashed brown potatoes, salad
-Garlic Chicken, Anti-cancer Slaw, Baked Potatoes with sour cream and chives
Snacks: lowfat cake with ff glaze, clementines, popcorn with butter and cheese

- oats and eggs
-One Dish Macaroni and Cheese, marinated veggies, peas
-Quick Lemon Chicken, sliced tomatoes, potato patties, steamed broccoli
Snacks: ff banana pudding, clementines, pineapples, graham crackers

-grits and eggs
-Beef-n-potatoes, lima beans, sliced tomatoes and cukes
-Poor Man's Steak, baked potatoes with sour cream and chives, peas, green salad
Snacks: juice from the juicer, Maple-pecan granola, fish eggs

- Breakfast Cake, eggs
- Polenta Pizza, bread sticks, super salad, lima beans
-Roasted Thyme Chickens, Favorite Brown Rice, green salad, carrots
Snacks: leftover breakfast cake, juice from the juicer, popcorn with butter

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