Friday, January 15, 2010

Kicked Up Cabbage...

This is a YUMMY way to eat cabbage!
I was listening to a talk radio program the other night and they were speaking on detox.
They said that there are 2 main detox enzymes in the liver, and cabbage helps to activate both of them- the more the merrier! Not to mention, cabbage is usually pretty frugal!!!

Okay, anyway, this way of cooking cabbage gets thumbs up from my whole crew ('cept one, he says he likes it better the 'normal' way-some people just don't like a change! hmp!).

Chop one head of cabbage and stir fry in a stock pot.
Use several tablespoons or so of fat. Beef fat, bacon drippings, coconut oil- I actually used a little of all 3!
Add some salt and pepper.
Now, here's the secret: horseradish sauce! About 2 to 3 T.
Stir it in real good and its just wonderful! And not to spicy.
The bummer part is that I noticed that the kind I had contained HFCS, grr.
Why would they put that in horsey sauce!?!!!?!!
(I have a request to make this again- tomorrow!)


Joy said...

Very interesting I knew there was a real reason why I loved Cabbage.

Got a question for you...My kids love granola bars I found a really good recipe on tammys but it calls for corn syrup what can I sub for corn syrup I didn't want to use it!

Donna said...


I've got one on here that I used to use corn syrup in and honey worked great. Could possibly even use sourgum. Let me know how it works! I like Tammy's and need to make some of those.